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That’s where Business Intelligence comes in. Our highly-trained professionals with investigative expertise and legal backgrounds begin the Due Diligence process with a confidential consultation to ensure that objectives are clear and reports are structured to meet specific requirements. Our team pays careful attention to detail, meet our client’s deadlines, and provide easy-to-read detailed reports.

Mission Critical: Uncover The Truth Before Sealing The Deal

While evaluating any new business deal or strategic partnership, there are many critical variables for you to consider:

  • Do the numbers work for you and your business to generate a long term return?

  • Are your goals aligned with your new prospective partner?

  • Is your new partner capable of delivering on their end of the deal?

Even when all of the stars align on the surface, you must be vigilant to ensure your venture is not compromised by inaccurate information provided or any potential issues and risk that may present itself in the future.

Due diligence services typically include, but are not limited to, investigation, verification and analysis of:

  • Business reports and filings

  • Criminal records and civil litigation

  • Education, employment and licensing

  • Media Research

  • Social and professional networking sites

  • Credit profiles

  • Judgments and liens

  • Bankruptcy filings

  • Department of Motor Vehicles records

  • Real property ownership records

  • Government sanctions

  • Industry source information

  • Professional Licensing

  • Government contract exclusion lists

  • SEC Sanctions / Litigation Releases

    Inquiries are conducted on a national and international basis. International inquiries vary from country to country and fees for international inquiries are presented to the client for approval prior to initiation.

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